I first arrived in McKinney, Texas ten years ago—rather unexpectedly—and jarringly found myself immersed in the expansive flatness of the rural North Texas plains.

To ease my troubled mind, I would drive for miles with only an antiquated film camera by my side, lost amongst places and things long forgotten, discarded, and abandoned. I found pick-ups rusting in untilled fields and ramshackle barns whose gable roofs had collapsed after years of abuse from hail and high winds that blow uninterruptedly from the panhandle plains across the prairie.

The weariness of what I saw resonated and served as a visual manifestation of how I felt inside. Before long, I developed a deep, personal connection with this subject matter and, therein, found meaning and direction. Thus began a decade-long love affair with forgotten Texas.

While I never expected that the images in this collection would define my primary concentration as a photographer, I feel an inherent stewardship to bear witness to the parts of our history unnoticed and unwanted by others. Most of all, I appreciate the way it continues to inspire me as an artist.


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2017 - The Cove, McKinney, TX
2010 - Openhouse Gallery, NYC
2009 - Coffee N Cream, McKinney, TX

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